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  Thank you so much!   Ok a question:  What is a 1% incline?  Does that mean set the incline to 1?    I'm warming up and stretching...maybe not enough though.  I'll start spending more time on that.    I do yoga on 2 of my off days, but I'm also doing step aerobics 2x week (on my run days).  I don't know how the step action is interfering with the whole process...   I'm going to get to the shoe store this weekend!  Thanks. :)
Hi...new runner here who needs some advice please!   I'm running on the treadmill about 3-4 times/week.  I mainly alternate sprinting and jogging...started about 8 weeks ago to help myself lose weight.  I'm able to do about 4 miles now pretty easily.  I'm getting a little better each time (I could barely do a mile when I started!).   But as my time and distance gets better, I've been developing some physical problems that I'm trying to work though.  I have shin...
  I love those!  :)
  No issues noted so far.   The last time it happened, she had 3 slices of cheese pizza on a Saturday night and her lips were swollen by Monday afternoon.  So she still has time to come home with a reaction.    I'm going to start keeping a food log for her as suggested by MeeMee.
I wanted to check in here and report that I am still seeing an absense of my usual allergic response!  My daugher hasn't had a reaction either, although after dinner last night I let my girls split a milk chocolate candy bar which I had bought earlier from a fundraising kid.  So Emma got whatever dairy was in that half-bar...I can't imagine it could be much.  I guess I'll find out just how dairy-sensitive she is if her lips swell up today.
I was 137 Monday morning...but I was 136 Tuesday morning and today!  I'm feeling really optimistic and motiviated.
  Sure thing!   I think a very important part of what I'm doing is that I'm FORCING myself to drink water constantly between meals and snacks.    Breakfast -   banana and coffee with coconut creamer or bowl of oatmeal with a little maple syrup...sometimes with raisins and/or sliced almonds     Snack -   raw fruit and veggies...sometimes I have an apple and a few baby carrots, or a few pieces of raw broccoli.  Sometimes I have an orange.   **The veggies never "sound" good...
Consider going vegan just for a week! It has really cured my cravings for junk. I love that I can still have bread/pasta/rice/potatoes! I really feel satisfied after a meal. Also, I can still have sweets, it just involves a bit more planning, which involves more thought...less opportunity for mindless binges. I'm losing about a lb per week, I don't feel deprived and I no longer get blood sugar spikes.
Less cheating and more walking. I like that!! Very simple but important.
I was 137 this morning. Slowly but surely!
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