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I love seeing my husband carry our son!! http://maiztro.dyndns.org/albums/sebastian/mann2.jpg http://maiztro.dyndns.org/albums/sebastian/mann.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration my best friend got married in a beautiful light sage green wedding dress. her dh's favorite color is green. it was a gorgeous a-line dress, and it was absolutely STUNNING. funny thing is, we went to a big boutique wedding dress sale together (our wedding dates were a month apart) and she found it there, it was a custom order that the original customer didn't want. i remember she had been looking around while i...
Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita That sound beautiful lucifer. How about designing it yourself and finding a seamstress to make it for you? hmmm... I'm not very good at that...
thank you raven!!!! I'm very tired right now so I'll save them for tomorrow! but I tok a quick glance at them know and I'm allready dreaming!! thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by beansavi Hellooooo where can I get one? That is sooo beautiful and it is the exact kind I want to wrap my little one the way I like if he ends up colicky like his sister... check this site out: http://www.storchenwiege.com/authorizeddealers.htm
I'm getting married next summer and I need a dress... I don't know exactly what I want but I do know I do not want a traditional white dress...we're getting married in the woods so I want a dress that kinda matches the enviroment.... something a bit gothic/alvish/fairytale like.... anybody??? oh, and I looooove green...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wugmama They are expensive though, but it sounds like they are worth it? Didn't it come with a booklet about the different wraps? i bought it used so i didn't get a booklet with it....
Quote: Originally Posted by funshine So pretty! I have a rebozo-length Inka on the way. You look great in those colors, and your sweater is awesome - where did you get it? I'm jealous that it's cool enough where you are to wear sweaters! It still get pretty warm and humid here in central VA. hihi the sweater is bought at an H&M store ages ago... yes the fall has arrived in norway!! brrr!
yes, the straps has to be tighter when you have it on your back!!if it's not tight enough the baby will swing back and fourth and it will really pull on your shoulders..
for long hikes i always go for ergo carrier!
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