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Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Yeah, I was always 1 out of the 2 girls not invited to a party. It sucks, believe me. Yep, it hurts like hell to be one of the 1 or 2 not invited to a party.
[/QUOTE] I will say, however, that she is not dead-on about conversing with interested children. She assumes all girls of a similar age would be interested in talking with her, but sadly this is not so. (In fact a minority of kids do... it's strange to me, they seem very antisocial to me who is used to DD... though I myself am antisocial). So I do still have to redirect her when she's trying to talk to kids who outright ignore her. What a shame![/QUOTE] I have that...
My kid loves to talk to people. I let her talk for a few minutes and then I'll say ok got to go now. Mainly because she will talk alot and it might get annoying for the other person, my child hasn't picked up on social cues yet. She never knows when to stop talking. There are times that she will say she didn't feel like talking, doesn't feel comfortable with that particular person.
As the weird kid and now the weird adult with a weird kid, please talk with this mother. Share your concerns with her, perhaps research sensory issues and give her copies are bring it up with her. Please don't just exclude her without giving her a reason. How can this mother help her child if she has no idea what the issues are or how to deal with them. Chances are the mother already knows the child is "difficult" but may or may not know how to "fix" her child.
That's sad. There's always two sides to a story. I think you did right with standing up for him. The outcome didn't change but at least he had one person on his side.
I have no problem with girls/boys chasing/kissing each other as long as the kids have no problem. Now if one or the other doesn't like it then there's a problem.
My child failed a hearing screening at her K. She couldn't hear in her right ear and some hearing loss in the left. Took her to an ENT. He found a rock in her right ear. So Maybe something was put in the ear and is now stuck. I would definately go to an ENT.
Don't have any advice, but I feel your pain. My 7 year old is the talker and can/will talk non stop from wake up time to bed time. It does get hard to "handle" sometimes. I like the timer idea, wish I had thought of it.
I think if it had been as bad as the mother made it out to be, you would have gotten a call from someone at that school. Perhaps the mother is making a mountain out of a molehill. I would not talk about my child's behavior until I got another side of the story.
As long as its not something that happens regularly, she should just mind her own business. Missing one day is not going to make or break his school year. She sent work, the child finished it, all is happy. Heck, I get personal days off from my work, and no one questions me, why should it be different for your child.
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