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Dont have anything to offer, but sending you some moral support vibes.
Subbing. Dh and I have been partaking for just over a year now. We had never tried it because of belonging to a conservative christians. Once we stopped dh wanted to try that almost immediately. It has helped both of us a lot. We don't know many smokers yet. Hoping to meet more. Hoping for legalization. Or to move to a legal location.
Havent posted in a while. But had to share We got an Iolite portable vape. Wow really nice. I had seen it mentioned on here at some point an so dh ordered one. I likes
My dh and I left also about a year ago. We are also extremely pleased with our decision. Loving the freedom. Loving that my kids arent going to have this pushed on them. They love not having to sit at the meetings and assemblies Sucks that our families are sad about it. We arent df'd but most of our families limit contact. I am sure a lot of them think we are screwing up with the kids, being selfish, want to sin etc... We left because we began to notice inconsistencies....
For rehydrating, I don't know if this works for mj but you can stick a pack of cigarettes in a baggie that's open and put them inside a baggie with a damp papertowel.
Subbing. We currently live in a decriminalized state. Hoping this year brings some good legislation for those of us that don't have many options. I know my dh would appreciate medical use. We previously had nothing to do with politics to the point of not even being registered to vote. We are going to change that this year.
Not exactly NT but I have done just butter flour and sugar and it was crunchy. I dont remember the measurments.
subbing occasional users here. Though I'm not right now as I am pregnant.
I started measuring large on my 3rd pregnancy. I am 15 weeks and 4 days and measuring right at my bellybutton. Did this last 2 times as well. So measuring big isnt always more than one.
I felt my first at 14 weeks. And there after between 12 and 14 weeks. Though I think this early its very sporadic, baby is just in the right position kinda thing. I ahve felt a few movements over the past week to week and a half. Last night it was a bit more definite feeling. I am just shy of 15 weeks.
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