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I almost always wear shoes outside, except at the beach or for a quick walk to the mailbox. I never wear shoes inside my house or any house I can get away with it. I take my shoes off at work under the desk at times (only if my feet aren't stinky!) I prefer to be barefoot or just in socks when it is cold, but outside I do like shoes to protect my feet, but I prefer sandals unless I'm going to be running or be in tall grass/woods. Right now the rules for my DD1 (DD2 &...
Absolutely if you need a minute or two away from the screaming, put baby in a safe place and step out for a minute. My first was inconsolable all the time, I tried to stay with her as much as I could, but if I reached my limit, I would give myself a quick breather before trying again. It is much better to take a quick break that to get yourself so worked up you yell or worse. And if I could calm myself down, my calm body often helped DD1 to calm down. I've been lucky...
Thanks for the recommendations, I think I do need more fats & carbs, though I have to make sure to have some fat or protein with my carbs or I start getting tired! I love sweet potatoes, haven't tried them cold, but they definitely reheat just fine in the microwave so maybe I'll do that make a big batch on the weekend to eat during the week. Mmm. And yeah, I think I need to start eating more avocado for sure. I'm going to have to make some more muffins or cookies or...
Yes, both of them laugh a bit, Alice more often than Oliver, too cute
Kate, yeah I do use rolled oats for sure, wish I could add the nuts, but I'm avoiding peanuts & tree nuts while nursing as DD1 is allergic them so I'm hoping to help out my twins if either of them is prone to allergies. I'm thinking about throwing in some brewer's yeast actually though since that helps with BM production and I always need a little help. pastormama, thanks for the suggestions, I
Hello everyone! I think I need to start eating more, I'm just feeling so drained and it isn't just from the lack of sleep. I also stepped on the scale last night and I've dropped a lot, I'm at 208lbs now, was 224lb pre-pregnancy. I haven't been tracking it that closely since I got back to PP weight, but yeah I think I'm losing too much too fast, so time to up what I'm eating. I do still need to lose weight, but not quite so fast, no wonder I'm drained! BFing twins is...
Ouch, that is rough I was going to suggest mint as that really downed my supply just from a little in some mint tea one time, but I see you already are trying/tried that. Not getting enough sleep always tanks my supply too, but that's not necessarily something you want to try! I think your plan is a good one for how your body is responding, I hope you are able to bring your supply down and wow on all the conflicting advice you were getting, that's rough.
I can't tell visually, but yes, my twins grow quite differently and tend to stagger their growth spurts. I think this is the best way as at least I'm not nursing both 24/7 when this happens and I'm sure I would be wiped if my body was trying to get two babies through a growth spurt.
Yup, I do this too. I tend to buy from Old Navy, I've not had a problem with coat quality there myself and I can usually get one on sale. I've not (yet) found a coat at Goodwill or other thrift stores, but I have found gloves there in the past which was an awesome find.
Nice, what carrier(s) are you using there?
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