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Update: since I didn't have time to order a culture and wait for it to arrive, I just put creme fraiche in with the cream in a mason jar and let it culture. The "sour cream" didn't turn out all that well, unfortunately. The flavor was odd and it was quite thin. It's been in the fridge now for a while (ignored), and has separated so that there is a thicker layer on top and a small (maybe 1in) layer of thinner substance on the bottom. It's also quite sour now, but not in...
Thank you both! That is helpful. I was thinking along the same lines -- DTaP and polio. Any other experiences?
I don't know the answer, but I have emailed Julie Tupler with questions before and have gotten very helpful responses. She's the expert, so I'd trust her advice. If I were you, I would want to know for sure before doing anything that might undo your hard work and increase the diastasis again! Good luck! p.s. I'd be very interested to hear the answer, if you get one. Would you post here what you learn?
I can't recommend strongly enough that you try the woolen breast pads for this problem. The ones I have are from Danish Woolen Delight. They are large, to cover the whole breast, which is very helpful with the Raynaud's/blanching and also makes them less visible under clothes than the standard cotton ones. You'll love these once your baby comes to help with leaking, too, and to alleviate any soreness or chapping in the first week. Stopping the blanching by sqeezing...
The [ex-]tongue tie and high palette could definitely be the culprit here. Have you tried craniosacral therapy? That can help tremendously post-frenotomy. Some babies also need therapy (usually a speech-langauge therapist can provide this) to re-train the suck. It wouldn't surprise me if your baby needed a bit of suck training or CST, since her tongue was clipped relatively late. HTH; sorry if you've already tried all of this!
I have had more milk on 160 than 120, so I think it's worth a try. With both of my babies, I have been able to back down the dose once baby is receiving solids. I am currently on 90mg at nearly 12 months. It's not necessarily required to take the domperidone through the entire nursing relationship. With my first dd, I weaned off of the dom as she reached the one year mark, but we continued to nurse for another year and a half. She got however much milk I was...
Your supply may dip, but it will go right back up again if it does. Perhaps include some Mother's Milk tea among the fluids you are hopefully drinking lots of? Don't worry too much about your baby. Nurse lots; your milk's immune properties will protect her. Feel better soon!
We slept in a queen till my first baby was 2.5yo, and it was fine. Then we got a king and we were like, Oh my God, this is heaven! How did we ever manage?!! The king cost us a fortune. Another vote to snag the cheap(er) one while you can. Oh, and when it comes time to buy bedding? Consider getting two twin duvets instead of a king. It's glorious!
I should have been more clear. Sorry! I know that typically, vaxing is pretty much done by this age. What I am wondering is, if you were going to vaccinate an older child, which ones would you give? Obviously, some of the infant ones are no longer relevant, so count those out. Has anyone selectively vaxed an older (2+) child? Which ones did you choose, and why?
I would suggest waiting till you decide you want a stroller (once baby is born), then get one to suit your needs at that point. You may very well not want/need one till spring (strollers in the snow and ice are a huge PITA), at which point you may want to just get a lightweight/umbrella-type stroller. On the other hand, if you decide you want one before then, you'll likely need something more rugged to deal with the winter conditions. I'd also suggest planning to...
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