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Does wearing the baby in a wrap provide some of the same benefits, I wonder?  A stretchy wrap with the baby putting a little extra pressure on the front part helping keeping the organs in place...:)
Or Hop Tye.
Thanks guys:)  I saw someone using one as a belly binder when she was pregnant and  I thought it was a good idea.  And then to use with newborn and smaller baby.  I can see how it might not be the best option for a sling though.     Is anyone familiar with how much stretch the Zoloewear has?
Does anyone know of ring slings made of stretchy fabric?  I found some from Zolowear, but are there any others out there?  And what about fleece pouches.  I think I had one from Kangaroo Korner years ago, but I can't find them anymore.
Hi:)  email me at benteaaro@yahoo.com
Hi wannabefree:). Letme know when you are coming and I will introduce you to the rest of our little group. My email is benteaaro@yahoo.com if you want we can communicate this way.
Hi there, we would love to meet up! The more, the merrier:)
Hi! We live in Palma and would love to grow our homeschool tribe:).
Hi! We are in Mallorca:)
I am confused about dosage during pregnancy. If I take the fclo/hvbo combo, how many capsules?
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