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I was just coming here to see what everyone thought about my cookie recipe. I think you would really like it! Wet Mix 1/3 c water 2 eggs 1/4 c butter 1/4 applesauce 1tsp vanilla Dry Mix 1 c brown sugar 1 c flour 1 c whole w. flour 2 c oatmeal 1/4 c dry milk 1/2 c wheat germ 1/3 c ground flax 1 teas cinnamon 2 teas baking soda 1 teas salt Mix wet together, mix dry together then combine wet with dry. The mix will be a dryer thicker batter. Bake for...
I have one. She is simply difficult. She is always right and treats me like crap, although I'm sure she dosn't think so. She can barely talk to me and is still mad that we eloped. Everyone assumed we were prego, but we were not and did not have children (by choice!) for 5 more years. I also "made" him change religions (not true, he agreed to, his choice, but I was not converting to his). She lives 3 miles away (practically neighbors as we are rural) and hasn't been...
For us its not about frugality, but about the quality of the food (ok and a little about the cost). The food served at our school is all processed and mostly white in color. Nothing is cooked, just rewarmed. Most days it is nasty. There is fruit some days and a salad bar, but mostly its not food I want my kids eating! If the food they get at school is of good quality, count yourself lucky!
On monday, a friend told a story about that weekend when through a misunderstanding her 15 yo son nearly drank bleach, to the point that he had some in his mouth. He realized it immidatly and spit it out and dived into the lake that they were near by and rinsed his mouth out for a long time. He did have some burns in his mouth, but seems to be ok. She was so happy he didn't swallow it!
Just came back from buying chicken cheep! Love getting a deal on stuff like that. When you peek behind the sale price and the regular price shows that you are almost getting 2 for the price of 1 it feels great! We are having chicken legs for dinner tonight, I can't wait! I'll have to figure out how many pounds I got for how much too, now I'm curious.
I have a almost 4 yo who is like this. He is all about work and is always willing to help. He is mad if there is no job for him. DH is a farmer and ds loves to ride in the tractors and combines with him, but he is mad that he is to little to drive them himself!
Thrift store, chruches for sunday school projects, schools for art projects, daycares. No one will likely want all of it, but you could parcel it out to each one in manageable sizes, then throw anything left away.
So part of my problem is lack of storage. There are really only 2 closets in the whole house. Another problem is the layout of the space. My house has 2 windows on each side of the house, which is so small that the livingroom space has 3 windows as well as a door to the outside, a double wide opening to the kitchen, a door to the laundry room, and the hallway with stairs going up. The room is also very narrow. All of these things make it difficult to lay furniture out...
I spend a large amount of time today cleaning, picking up getting ready for visitors (that never even made it into the house, but still) Vac-ed, washed dishes, cleaned out litter boxes, and took out two loads of garbage, just lots of stuff that I don't normally do on a Sunday, and yet...It still looks messy. I just cant ever get ahead. Laundry is not done. Fridge needs cleaning. Office is a mess. Kids room is half of a mess. Cant find my camara. We have a small...
Perfectly priced! Huh??? I've never gotten an email from one of my chicken suppliers like that, who is that from? Oh, wait, LL Bean doesn't sell chickens, what the heck?!? Oh wait CLOTHES! I get it! Hee Hee, I'd rather shop for chickens than clothes I guess!
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