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This is my exact problem right now! I just had 2 cookies for breakfast, something I would never let the kids do and would normally never do myself, but they are so good! I just can't have them around me at all I have no power to keep myself from eating them. And to make it worse I haven't been working out lately either, so double bad!
I saw a post over on backyardchickens.com about someone who tried to hatch a double yolk egg. It was nearly sucessful, but in the end both chicks died. There isnt really enough room for two. I don't know much about it but it was a very interesting read. It was a really long thread.
Ok so I saw the house tonight. Dh is not excited about it really at all. I like it but it definatly has some problems. Nothing has been updated except the roof and a few windows. It needs lots of cosmetic work, new or no carpet, refinish hardwood, paint, and lots of cleaning (she smoked). The worst part is the basement. Old stone foundation, wet dark and yucky. The wiring is old. But on the plus side, it is large, well layed out and has a huge bathroom with a...
I haven't actually seen the house yet, just driven by the yard. It is 3 stories, 2 and a 1/2 it might be called. Older than 60, has some hardwood floors. The yard as it is is about 3 to 5 acres I would guess but again we could enlarge it to anything we want and would not have less than 10. I'm hoping to see the house tonight.
We may have the oppertunity to move from our 11 acres on a coulie with a small but well loved house to a yard with an older larger house in need of updating, but only trees around it, no barn or outbuildings. The "new" yard is 7 miles closer to town and would be paid or nearly paid, as it would need some repair work. Our current house has a nice garden and is very beautiful. I really love the yard. We have been here almost 10 years and only owe around 40,000 on it over...
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my 5K run that I did this morning. I ran it in an amazing 26 minutes even! I was shocked to see that time. And it was windy too! I must have really been pushing hard. It was a nice little run near home and I even knew some of the people running. Have a good day everyone!
Well there is some good news. I discovered that 4 of the littlest ones had squeezed into a hole in the barn wall (the coop is an old horse stall in the barn) and were hiding in the wall. I could hear them and pried off part of the wall and fished them out and back into the brooder they went. I also pulled out the others that were getting picked on and they went back in too. I just hope they are not all roosters too.
I just have no luck with chickens this last year. The dog has gotten several, several of the new chicks died, the dog got more, and the dog got more again, and then the chickens have started killing each other. It really sucks! I have the outside pen now (I think) dog proof or protected anyway, much better than it ever has been. Now if they would stop disappearing and killing each other. Last night I was finally fed up with the brooders because a whole gallon of water...
Hi everyone, Happy Mothers day! I'm sore today after running my first 1/2 marathon yeaterday. It went well, although very cold! It was around 32 degrees when we started and maybe hit 40 when we were done. My hands were so cold. Someone gave away those little heat packs for mittens the day before and I carried them the whole race. I ran it in 2:31:55 chip time. About what I wanted to do and I managed to run all but about .25 miles. Oh and bathroom, I mean...
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