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I did this a couple of years ago and only recently heard that they were bad when they broke. I just cleaned it up like any other broken glass.
It took FOREVER for mine to go away, like a year. It was mostly mild but still gross. Nothing but time helped, but I didnt change my diet.
We have a "new" pup here, about 8 months old, who can chew up toys with the best of them. I found the one made out of firehose (at Petco) has held up really well, there are only seams on the ends (they have different shapes, we have a tube shape). There is another one there that I cant remember the name of, but it to has held up really well. Oh and the Jolly Ball is awesome! He loves it! I just had to accept that I had to pay more for them. Now I haven't needed to...
It is SO exciting to finally get eggs! I love finding them the first time, so cool!
The title says most of it. He is about 8 months old, lab/dane/husky/hound??? mix of some sort that we have had for about 6 weeks. He has been in the house or tied up since we got him and anytime he is off leash he goes after a chicken or duck. The ducks are always loose and the chickens are supposed to be fenced, but manage to get out daily. He has caught and killed 4:, usually when I am distracted by the kids. He is a nice dog but I'm at my wits end with this. How...
Another postitive experience here. I've been using cloth exclusivly for the last 4 years (one baby and a year off in there) and I'm very happy with it. Easy to care for and much easier to deal with. Lighter, less cramping, sometimes no cramping, shorter. In the beginning I had a little trouble with leaking, but I think it was a combo of new fabric and the still heaver cycle. Now I havent hardly leaked and don't dread that time like I used to.
I had a Jolly ball for my last dog but she never really liked it so it has just been sitting around for years. The new dog loves it! He is a real chewer and hasn't managed to distroy it yet. Very good toy!
The rescue where we found him thought he had some dane too. I was thinking dane/lab, but he is only 50 pounds. He is hansome though, what ever he is!
http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/a...mer2008235.jpg http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/a...mer2008231.jpg This is Jake. We have had him for a month now and I'm finally getting around to posting picts of him. He is about 7 or 8 months we think and around 50 #. He is a rescue so we don't know what breeds he is. Anyone want to guess? He has lots of energy, but is learning what is ok and what is not ok. One of my problems is he keeps biting the leash and trying to...
I also have a similar problem. My dd1 is build big and has a belly. Finding a waist sized for her is difficult. She is needing a six for length but the waist is just not big enough for her. I keep hoping she will grow into her weight, but not so far. I just bought another pair of gymboree plus sized that fit ok and there are some gap plus that fit even better, but they are out of stock. She is healthy and we eat well, snacks are almost fruit/veggies, but she is not...
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