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I don't have good advice, except to say that my dog had a slice on her tounge that required stiches last year. She had broke a tooth and it kept cutting her tounge open on the bottom and we couldnt figure out what was going on so it wouldn't stop bleeding. After she got stitches, she was fine, had no problems what so ever. I think if I had stitches on my tounge, I would have had problems!!! Good luck.
Dh just took my Maddie dog to the vet to be put down. We found out on monday that she had a large tumor near her heart/lungs and she was having a difficult time breathing. I'm so sad. It was so sudden. She is only 10, old but not that old. She was a medium sized black rescue and I loved her very much. Bye MaddieDog.
I just wore my shirt inside out on tuesday and noticed it half way through the day, while at the library. I was wondering what happened to the pocket I thought that shirt had!!
Multi level marketing - like selling tupperware, mary kay, avon.
I have one of these as well. He will be 3 in November. We had a speech eval and hearing test in April and he had about 6 words but could follow complex requests. He can hear fine and has great receptive language. With in the following 2 months he had 25-30 words. We did a summer speech class with him but like a pp said, I don't think it was all that helpful. I'm glad we did it, but I don't think we will continue. I'm starting to think that some kids just start later.
I've been there too. My kids are now 2.75, 4.75 and 6.5. It is finally better here. DD1 (6yo) was the worst of all of them I think, a personality issue so now that she is able to fall asleep alone she gives the 4 yo the confidance to go to sleep to, or at least lay in bed while I leave the room. My youngest still needs me, but he has also gotten much better and will fall asleep laying in his bed as long as he can see me. Luckly he falls asleep first most nights so I...
Yep, me too... and my cycle is back, so its not just a missing Auntie.
I moved the crib into ds room without the side rail (it was sidecared w/ my bed) when he was just over two and he only fell out once and it was after he had been in there for several weeks. As long as he is not a thrasher he should be fine. You will likely have super hearing that night and will "hear" him get to close. I've done that before at hotels and adjusted the child to a safer spot.
OMG the stuff of my nightmares! I'm just waiting for the day around here. One of us will have this very problem.
I also use a rubbermaid container. It holds a little more that 50 # but not 100#. A big trash can sounds good.
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