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Well thats a tough question. We have 18 hens, 2 roos and 6 2.5 mo pullets. I pay about 10 to 12 dollers for a 50 pound bag of feed that lasts 10 to 15 days, with them also eating food scraps and bugs. (I also have a 4yo who likes to help feed them and we do have some waste that way.) Other wise its just set up costs for a coop and fence, feeders, waters, nests, that sort of thing. Oh and cute chicken decor that you will now see everywhere. I sell the extra eggs to...
Oh man, I remember the days of first eggs! So exciting. We have only had our's for a year and I'm down to 18 layers with six babies half grown. We get lots of eggs now, and have lots to sell to family and friends. Its still fun. Enjoy those eggs!
Thanks everyone for the information. Something came up and the deal fell through. I'm dissapointed, and now have a terrible case of "horse fever". I don't know what will happen next.
Nope they cant fly, domestic breeds. I hear they are good eating, but these are a smaller breed, not a meat breed. I think they are just pets.
I suddenly have an opertunity to buy a shetland mare, 4yo, and her foal, 2.3 mo, for about $600 with all the tack included. She is broke to ride and pull and is supposed to be gentil and good with kids. Anyone want to share their thoughts? Good idea? FIL has a horse and bales his own hay so we have that. We have a barn and a pasture that will need to be fenced.
Thanks. They are still sitting tight, hardly moving at all. I dont know what I'm going to do with ducklings, never mind 10 or so of them!
I've felt this way sometimes too. I think I just prefer the younger set. There is something about older kids that I don't get.
OMG I would have died laughing right there!!!
I have a stuck in the room story too. Except it was dd1 at 2 yo and dd2 around 6 months. DD was sleeping in the crib (a rare place, but she was getting to mobile to sleep on my bed) and when she woke up dd1 ran in and shut the door. Fine so far but then she started to push the crib around on the wheels on the all hard wood floor and one leg dropped into the hole that was in the floor from dh remodeling project (it only took him 7 years to fix the hole that was a foot...
Quote: Originally Posted by theretohere I can attest to the tastiness. That's what I need to cap off this horrible day- too bad I have no idea where I can purchase Mex coke up here. I don't know how far you are from Grand Forks, but I saw it a couple of weeks ago at the Super One on 32nd ave in the Mexican foods section. I'm kicking myself for not buying it as I normally never shop there.
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