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Cross post! I get green eggs too! Love them, they are so pretty. I would love to get more americaunas, they are great.
We have six baby chicks and 2 baby ducks right now. It is our second time with chicks, (we have 18 hens and 2 roos from last year) and our first time with ducks. Man let me tell you, ducks grow like crazy! I had no idea!! They grew so fast it is just increadable. They are also very cute and fun, but oh so messy. I looked at your picts and they look like they are getting lots of good care and they have a nice box to live in. Do you have somewhere set up for them after...
This thread has made me feel better about my dc's gp and lack of any real help from either set. Dh's parents are closer but more unpleasant, mine are 1 hour away but it might as well be 1o hours. glad to know its not just us.
Right now my tub looks rather crappy to, but tomorrow morning we are having it refinished! I cant wait to see a shiny "new" tub and actually want to sit in it. It is pealing so bad and just looks so unpleasent.
I need 77.8 trees. Very interesting....
Siggs here too. I found mine at a local bookstore (on sale no less, score!). I just ordered dh one from reusablebags because he wanted a smaller size for his lunch box. I have the big 1L. size and I love it. The kids have the .6L (I think). Its a little big for them (2, 4, 6 yo's) but they will grow into them and better to have to much water on an outing than to little.
Love him here too!
Thanks everyone! I used a duck egg in my homemade buns today. It was fine. It does take some gettin used to, thinking of a duck egg though, I;m not sure why, but it seems funny/weird. I don't know why I feel strange about it though.
I don't know for sure if I have any boys. I think I might have one, I got 4 eggs today, so I have at least 4 girls of 5 ducks. Why does that matter?
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