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Quote: Originally Posted by Tizzy However, my BIL (DH's brother) and his son are obsessed with the marathons, races, relays etc. and are constantly soliciting for more and more donations. Their main reason is because his FIL (his wife's dad) is in remission from throat and mouth cancer. Yes, he was a heavy smoker. This is another thing I do not feel comfortable about, supporting someone who knowingly poisoned himself for decades. I am only...
It's only a show, it's only a show. But I am really sad... although look at Daughtry, season five's fourth placer. No matter what, each contestant from this point on is set, IMO. They are ALL so talented!
Joe was almost in tears when Adam hit the bottom two, if he'd've gone home it would have been like losing Sanjaya all over again lol... (for him, not me. I love Adam but did NOT care for Sanjaya. Just to be clear. ) I love Adam, do not see him as cocky or showy at all. I think the right person went home last night, & I am hoping the final three are Allison, Danny & Adam. I would like to see Danny or Allison win just because then Adam will have more freedom in his...
Adam Lambert will do "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Just a prediction...
Yeah, as soon as Adam started singing last night I got chills. Joe & I watched it a few times, & I watched Simon give him a standing ovation so many times that Joe was ready to kill me He was amazing.
Fun thread!
I liked Lil's song too. I was surprised at the judges on that one.
That's funny, because I don't see him as theater-y or over dramatic at all... I just think he is being himself... interesting, the different ways we all see him. I love his hair though, to be completely shallow for a minute
I also think that Adam seems really humble. I like him a lot. Did anyone else think that Randy Travis looked like Bender from Futurama last night?
Quote: Originally Posted by crystallane Not much offends me, but the child molester down the street does. I really dont think that it should be joked about. Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl My bil does a very good imitation of that guy's voice. So does my ten year old.
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