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It's not that I'm really worried for his sake, but I'm going a little crazy being the only food source in kiddo's life. And come summer, I'll be starting an internship and possibly work-study that means daycare for him. 20-40 hours a week. I'd like to gradually get him eating something other than EBF, but then I tell myself, "Oh, he couldn't possibly still be EBF at a year...." then... "or could he?"
Baby is 9 months old, every time we try and give him baby food, he gives us an accusing glare like we're trying to poison him. We MIGHT get about two bites in him. He doesn't want to take a bottle, not even pumped. Only straight from the tap. (Even tried non-frozen pumped... nope.) He would when he was younger, but now that he can go longer between feedings, he just chooses to wait for me to get home from work instead. Even if that's 6 to 8 hours later. About a month ago,...
Oops, forgot link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/home-birth-statistics
And looking at this it appears that Huffpost is waging a campaign against homebirth. Two more articles, but referencing the "danger" of homebirth. 
Can't even make coherent sentences I'm so mad... http://videos.huffingtonpost.com/true-tragic-home-births-517733299
...and in comments, which aspect was most important and why?
A friend of mine was told she was pregnant by her dentist because she had a type of dental issue specific to pregnancy, think it was a type of gingivitis? But of course that doesn't help you. Might be too woo-woo for you, but some people use a wedding ring on a string as a pendulum (or any other pendulum) to get an answer.
Statistically I believe that's true, but not always.  Just figure it will probably be faster, but don't assume something's wrong if that's not the way it goes. First baby, I started feeling contractions about midnight, to 1am. Called dh to come home at 2am, tried to sleep. Contractions didn't get serious until that evening, 7pm contractions were really hard, we went to birth center... I was dilated to a 3, had baby at 11pm. Baby #2, went to regular appointment, 10-11am...
Beautiful first name, but with the last name Figgs, what I hear is "I want figs." in a Scandinavian accent.  Could be worse. Just something to consider. I like Van Alexander, or Eyvind or Ivand Alexander though.
I'm due in July! Although with my track record, I'm expecting late June. :-)
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