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You can blanch the chard in boiling salted water (only for like...30 seconds to a minute, tops), dunk it in ice water to stop it cooking, squeeze the water out, and freeze it. You can use it like you would frozen spinach later. I do this whenever I get way too many greens from my CSA, it works for all of them, although heartier greens may need up to 2 minutes. For the plums, you can do what I call "baked fruit." It's a great way to use up stuff past its prime or to...
I think my body might finally be starting to recognize the fact that it has to get this baby out at some point! I usually have BH overnight, but last night/this morning was the first time ever that they were painful and woke me up. Then when I got up, it definitely felt like the baby had dropped and like my crotch is going to split open from the pressure. And then I had a couple of loose BMs. Whew. Still no signs of any mucous plug though. It's probably nothing for...
I can think of a few things. First, try sauteing your veggies in some kind of fat before you add any meat or liquids. Once they've cooked a little, add in your spices. Like others mentioned, you might want to add some chili powder - at least 2 heaping tablespoons per pound of meat. Oregano is good too. Saute the veggies and spices together until they look good. Then add in the meat. By the time it's browned you should have some brown stuff on the bottom of your...
You have to cajole your husband into cutting your toenails because you can't reach them yourself with any sort of accuracy.
Mine are sore again and itchy. I just figured they were gearing up or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by hyz OMG, that pumpkin hat is killer. ... I also made this little Scottie stuffy for my friend's baby last year, out of more recycled wool: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3313/...4461dfea4d.jpg. I want to make another one for my baby! Thanks! I LOVE that Scottie dog. It is too cute! I wish I knew how to sew. I'm actually taking a sewing class tomorrow at the local yarn/fabric store just because I think it...
Got some more knitting done! booties - I think they're kind of ugly, but DH likes them half of a pair of babylegs stuffed grumpasaurus I have more projects and yarn going too. I'll knit this baby out, gosh darnit.
I hit 37 weeks today! Babe officially made it to full term!
Omg I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts!
Holy crap, 37 weeks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/geek_patrol/5016283190/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/geek_patrol/5016281378/
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