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I have the FCLO/BO mix. I got it in pill form because I know there's no way I could make myself gag down the liquid. Anyway, I'm 37 weeks preggo right now and I've ben taking 2 capsules daily most of the time. According to the bottle it adds up to less than the RDA for both A and D, so I feel like it is giving me a little boost while not going overboard on it. Crossing my fingers that the baby is not born with two heads.
I'd probably do it if it were me. Acupuncture seems like a way better option than a c-section. Good luck.
Awesome news!!
Quote: Originally Posted by hyz when I do fall asleep, it's very light. Every little thing wakes me up, or else I'm half-awake all night--I can't tell which. I've been exactly the same way. I feel like I just never fall into that deep sleep that I used to and that I'm constantly aware of the room around me all night. I've been trying to make up for it with naps, but blah.
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelina Then, had to clean the thing because it was a smokers car & still smells -- any tips? DDCC - My dad gave me his old car one time that he had been smoking in for years. Cleaning it myself didn't really accomplish anything, but I forked over a little money to get it detailed and it came back smelling great. Might be something to try! Sorry your car broke, car stuff is so stressful!
I think they're hormonal. I got wicked headaches right at the edge between the 1st and 2nd trimester, for probably 2 weeks I think? Tylenol + caffeine was the only thing to kick them, and I HAD to kick them or I'd have a headache for 3 days straight.
Yay babies! Hope everything goes smoothly!
It seems like mostly no one's fussed about it! I was curious since this will be my first and we will literally have about 30 people at my parents' house for Thanksgiving, and I just know someone will be sick and that too many people will want to touch the baby. Normally there are only around 18 people, but pretty much all the extras are coming specifically to see us, some from across the country, so not going is not an option. I guess I'll just babywear and shove a...
I'm glad I'm not the only one!
Is anyone concerned or taking precautions about our brand new little babies being around so many people for the winter holidays, right in the middle of cold/flu season? Another mama asked that question of one of the L&D nurses last week while we were taking a tour of the facilities, and I honestly hadn't thought about it before. The nurse's suggestions (specifically for Thanksgiving) were either to just take the baby in for 5 minutes so people could ooh and aah and then...
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