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I have been having the weirdest sensation lately. I don't really think I get many contractions during the day, but every single time I wake up to pee at night my stomach is hard and kind of clenched around the outline of the baby, so maybe I'm having them while I sleep? And I always wake up in the morning with this weird feeling in my pelvic region that maybe my legs are further apart or something and the muscles on my inner thighs right where they join my body are sore....
I'm 37 weeks and it still feels like an it. Of course that isn't helped by the fact that we don't know the sex, so we even call it an it! I think I won't feel like it's an actual baby until I'm holding it.
Had an appointment today and was the first time I've seen a male OB. It kind of weirded me out just slightly. Not that I thought he was gonna molest me or anything, I just don't get why a guy would go into that line of work. Anyway, he felt around and thinks the baby is basically in the exact position I thought it was - hanging out on my left side, head down, butt up by my left ribs, feet in my right ribs. I still can't believe we're so close to the end now and that big...
Glad everything looks normal! Pregnancy is so glamorous.
My great granny had more than 10 kids and as far as I know she birthed them all at home. As my mom put it "she popped them out like grapes." I hope my childbirth experiences go as easy!
I'm wearing my maternity t-shirts and tank tops and just wearing button up/zip up shirts over them and not buttoning or zipping them up. It's working so far!
This site is nothing but extremely low fat or nonfat recipes, it should help a lot! http://www.fatfree.com/cgi-bin/recipes.cgi Hope you get some relief soon.
Mine likes to go transverse while I'm sleeping. I think it doesn't like my belly being squished up against the bed and wriggles until it finds a more comfortable position - which unfortunately isn't so comfortable for me! Every time I have to heave myself up to pee it's like uuuggghhh giant sideways baby. It always goes back to vertical (hopefully vertex!) when I get up for the day though. It also likes to pull this neat trick where it will suddenly scoot over to the...
Thanks Melly!! Trying to muster up the enthusiasm to knit some babylegs, booties, and stuffies too but motivation is rapidly going down the toilet.
Thanks! I'm starting to feel so huge!
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