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You're not overreacting and none of that was fine at all!!  :hug:  I'm hoping you can find someone else who can really help you.  I feel your frustration!!
No more kids for us! We've had three, two surviving.  I'm good with that.  Mine are five and two and I knew with the birth of my third that I was DONE.  Plus, that transtitional year for my older child was particularly hard and unrewarding to me as a mother and totally unfair to her as well. I will not do that to my littlest. 
We most definately live in a low COL area and made that choice delibrately.  We live outside of town (waaay out) bought more house for less money, and saved big on in town taxes and services.  It's been one of the best decisions we ever made.  No, we don't have city water/sewer, a garage, close by stores/schools/or jobs, but it's worth it to us.  Plus, it's beautiful out here!  We also started our first ever garden this year, which'll save us big on food.  With me being...
Beautiful baby, congratulations!   This is exactly how  my last arrived, 45 minutes ahead of the midwife, caught by DH.  We loved every second of it! 
Wow, these are all so disturbing!  Mine're mild by compairson, I'm sure.   I think my junior high Algebra teacher was a complete failure at teaching and he knew it.  During exams, he'd leave his book open on his desk while answering questions or even leaving the room. Student after student would happen to have to get up, stretch, stroll, and stop by the book.  We all got our answers that way and he passed students.  So sad.  I didn't learn a darn thing.   Their...
I've never used or had a bread machine.  I will say that I've seen dozens of them sitting unused on shelves in basments, thrift stores, and garage sales. Rarely, however, do I see a stand mixer!  :lol  Actually, I don't know that I ever have.  I vote for the mixer.  Much more versatile and fun to use.  I make bread regularly in mine, and yeah, I fiddle with it for most of the day (why make one batch when I can make four in a row?  :D ), but I love it.
Hi!  I stared wearing glasses at 7 yos and wore them for almost 20 years before getting LASIK.  I had horrible myopia!  I definately couldn't function w/o my glasses and contacts never really worked for me either.  I went thru pair after pair of glasses in all that time (as most of us do).  My parents, brother, sister and I all wore glasses and I can't say as it caused stress for my folks.  :hug:  What is it that worries you the most?  I was pretty responsible at 7 and...
Lots of good advice here!  :hug:  I have been in this exact same scenario w/ both of my kids. Cold weather walks are okay, but only if everyone cooperates!  We had to do loops specifically so we could head home when/if needed.  Lots of times they just got too cold, even if *I* thought they'd been perfectly wrapped up or whatever.  I had to suck it up and take screamy meamy home (because a big part of MY mental health is getting tons and tons of exercise!).  Tantrums and...
Uh-huh.  Aren't people ridiculous?  My mom and sister loudly declared that, "We can't even SEE that baby!" with my first.  I think by the second they got used to it, because I never heard a peep.  :)  I was willing to share, tho, if asked.  I'd pull the rail down and even take a sleeping newborn out just so folks could see and hold the baby.  But - my babies wanted ME.  And I liked and encouraged that.  Muah ha ha ha. 
My littlest is 20 months and about 24 lbs, rfing.  :)  My oldest was 2 yrs 7 months when we flipped her ffing, she'd hit the limits of her seat heightwise but not weightwise.  It didn't occur to me at that time to look for a larger seat!  I plan on keeping my 20 month old rfing for as long as possible, and yes, we will get a bigger seat!
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