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I support the op's opinion. Anyone with cancer absolutly deserves compassion, but I think there is a lot of questions being unanswered by cancer "research". I have done considerable research of my own into the topic (have had relatives with cancer) and I truly believe that most kinds can be prevented with dietary or environmental modifications. It really bothers me that these simple things are not being made more public. Like how is the western diet, pesticide use, and...
A few months ago I decided that I could no longer feed our dog commercial dog food. She is getting a bit older at age seven, and I could tell her health was, while not bad, starting to decline a bit. As a vegetarian, I would have a very hard time buying meat just for her when I don't want to support the meat industry at all. I found some locally made (and very expensive) dog food. Upon reading the ingredients, I created a close copy consisting of oats, seaweed, brewers...
I would agree that stuff like circ is not a "choice". It is just something never, ever to do. I guess if I had to give a speech on one parenting issue, I would choose circ, because a lot of people don't think about it one way or another. They just go along with the cultural norm, which in the US is regrettably male genital mutilation. Breastfeeding and non vaccination are also extremely important to me
I like to grate a half raw turnip in my salads. Also they are good in soups. And roasted with potatoes, carrots and garlic.
I try to be vegan but have no plans to give up honey. However, I do not eat your standard, from the store honey. I get it local and raw. I know the beekeepers and know they aren't doing their bees wrong. I do care about bees rights, but I also think that one can raise bees ethically. And I think raw honey has so many health benifits (the book superfoods by David Wolfe has some good info about this). I want to eat a raw, mostly plant based diet that includes some...
When ds was about eight months I worked the same hours as you described. I never pumped or gave formula. He was quite into solids. I would send him to the babysitter with organic yogurt. I think at that age as long as they are nursing when you don't work, they can go without for a bit.
I am a night time shower lady. I like to go to bed clean.
We had a very similar thing happen just yesterday with the census worker at our door. Dd, Ds, and I were on the porch answering his census questions. He looks at dd (age 4) and askes her if she has a boyfriend. She points to her brother. Then he goes on tho ask if she is married. she just returns the question with a blank stare. Yes, I was creeped out.
I really like Ember! (But I am somewhat of a hippie)
I stopped standing for the daily public school pledge around 11th grade. I just sat as everyone else stood. I don't agree with pledging my allegiance to a flag, nor am I proud enough of my country to stand for the anthem. I would, however stand and sing "this land is my land, this land is your land". I really like that idea.
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