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For my adult acne, I had wonderful results using a honey mask several times per week. The honey kills bacteria and other nasites. Just apply honey ( I use raw honey), and let sit for twenty or so minutes, then rinse. Also makes skin soft.
I agree with the people that said this is not good for the teacher to dwell on this. I am an artist who held my pencils "wrong" untill I was 11. Despite this, I had great handwriting and drawing skills. As an artist, I can vouch for the fact that there are so many ways to hold a paintbrush! It seems as though this woman and many other school types are just crushing the artistic confidence of young children by focusing on banalities. I would have a conversation with this...
I seem to have a thing for "Christophers". Also had a brief tryst with a "Jason".
how demanding a dog is really depends on the dog. First of all, if you don't have much time, I wouldn't get a puppy! I was a single mom when I got our dog from the pound. I went there looking for an adult (already potty trained) dog, and I found her! I observed all the dogs and chose our sweetheart for her mellowness. She has been super easy to keep. She of course requires food and a few walks per day, but other than that, not much. She has never needed meds, only had...
Boy names are hard! I like: Caelum, Rowan, Silas, Cyprus, Solomon...
Reading the requirements other states require makes me glad I live in Michigan! We have no requirements at all. No reporting, tesing, or other notifications. Basically just do what you want. Awesome.  
Thanks for the welcomes! It will be encouraging to read here as i embark on my running adventures. I have been snowshoeing all winter, so we'll see how that serves me.
Hello runners! I have been lurking your messages for a couple of months and am getting myself roused to start running myself. I haven't really done much before, but am feeling the call. I think today I will buy myself some shoes and start. Thanks for the ispiration!
Just echoing what othersd have said: when he is ready it will be so easy. Dd was not potty trained at all at that age. It was very frustrating. She was so smart at that age and I compared he to ds, who was diaper free by his second birthday. A little after her third birthday, she was ready and it was easy.
This really sounds like something I would do (leaving laundry for a long time) I know it is probably not right, but it is very hard to do laundry in a communal place. Just saying I sympathize.
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