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I actually love swiss chard in a raw salad. I cut the chard into thin strips by rolling each leaf and cutting, then toss with lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar, onions thinly sliced, garlic, and a shot of braggs. I also grate carrot and add a teaspoon or so honey (or agave if you prefer). My kids even like this. It is especilly good marinated for a few hours.
I just sit and go. Can't stand splatters, though. I will hover if someone has splattered before me.
Yeah, last year I ordered about 70 dollars worth from them. This year it was "only" 50. I got some great stuff, though. Including those Mexican Gherkins. I am exited to try these. I just love how they send you a free seed packet: this year mine was the pink ponderosa tomato which sounds great. Their tomato selection is astounding. I ordered black cherry, green zebra, black krim, a violet jasper cherry tom, and more I can't remember! So great. If we could grow melons...
That movie really got dh back on the vegetarian bandwagon. I had already been back for a few months. Also really reminded me about the genetically modified stuff. I really try to avoid that.
I think eating as much raw fruits and veggies as you can can go along way towards cancer prevention. Like at least 50% Most raw veggie fruits are alkaline, which can prevent cancer. Avoiding sugar, like has been mentioned. And I do think meat and dairy consumption can play a role in cancer development. I am concerned about radon, off to do some research.
Ou favorite is definately boggle. So fun, especially if you are a scabble fan.
I am the oldest of five breastfed children. Although my mom didn't generally breastfeed beyond 1 year (I went the longest for 19 months), she was very vocal about the benifits of breastfeeding. I am very grateful for this as I grew up in the 70s and 80s when formula use was the norm. I think my mom would have been personaly affronted had I not breastfed my dc. I didn't ever consider not breastfeeding, though.
I voted Rowan. I love that name for a boy or a girl. I also like Alice and Hazel quite a bit.
Ds asked to go to public school in 4th grade. I consented. And he hated it. Everyday was a struggle to get him to even go, but I did have him finish out the year to be sure...He definately was done after that year! So maybe if you let her try it out, she will find that the grass is not greener on that side of the fence. Ds really disliked all the meaningless rules, and above all, getting up at 6:30am. Or maybe she will really like it. I do think that at that age it...
ds is a tiger.
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