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Perhaps coconut oil could be a replacement for cholesteral in a vegan's diet if there is concern about a cholesteral deficiency.
I have used a couple layers of cinder blocks. These can often be obtained on the cheap. When I do raised beds this year, I will just mound the dirt, using no supports. This worked pretty well for me last year.
I am also wondering about growing a few sweet potatoes this way. From what I read, you would plant on the top and not mound around the plant, letting the leaves cascade over the container. They grow down where potatoes grow up. I am in zone 5a and thought I couldn't grow sweet potatoes here, but I think there are some varieties I could try...Also perhaps using the black side of one of those bags would encourage growth. Has anyone tries sweet potatoes in the north or in...
I think coconut or hemp milk are the best. Dd will only drink rice milk or almond milk so thats what I buy.
I just remembered something else one can do with beets: add a roasted beet to your hummus recipie. I have never tried this, but will someday! Can you tell I love beets?
Here is what I do for borscht: Chop a bunch of beets, carrots and potatoes. (I have also added turnips and kohlrabli to this mixture). Whatever proportions you like, but heavy on the beets. Put the mix in a pot with some water and tomato sauce (I use home canned, but you could use the store kind run through a blender.) I add enough to make the soup kind of tomatoey, but not too much. Then saute onions, celery, and maybe a red pepper, zucchini or whatever. Then add...
Thanks for the info. I will set the tub at a low temp, especially since ds wants to do some hot tubbin as well. I guess the sauna might be the more problematic of the two... What would be considered too long in a sauna?
I have been following this thread and the other feng shui threads. They are very timely as we are moving soon. I am exited to start in a new house with feng shui right away! Doea anyone have any thought about how feng shui applies to food gardens, especially a food garden very close to the south west side of the house. Also one of the bedrooms has one of those attic holes on the ceiling right by the room entrance. Should I cover it with something? One more...
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