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This summer I had a bountiful beet harvest and discovered that they are great raw, grated on salads. So sweet! Also I like a to make a beet-carrot juice, if you have a juicer. I have also used raw grated beets in spring rolls with cooked rice noodles and sauce. Then there is always borsht.
I'll start a thread when I have results. (August or so) I wasn't even going to grow potatoes untill I read about this method and realized that they didn't have to take up a bunch of space. The potatoes I planted in ground last year got overrun with weeds and produced poorly, so this may be a good solution.
I think I will use these (30 gallon size) for potatoes. Like with the garbage can only using these instead. I am also going to try using straw mostly to heap around the plants. We do have space for a garden, but I have heard good things about growing potatoes this way.
Thank you so much for the idea. I will try that coconut milk recipe in my groovy yogurt maker from the early '80s. hope it still works.
Actually the opposite. They were also born oppositely, ds around 1;00am; dd around 1:00pm.
I can't stand football and I don't like the superbowl. Dh, luckily, feels the same way.
I didn't try any of those varieties, but I did order my tomato seeds from Baker Creek last year. I was pleased even though we had a bad year in michigan. I really like the sungold cherrry tomatoes. Also am exited to try the black cherry.
I am one who doesn't like sleepovers at all. Opposite sex, same sex, they both make me nervous for many reasons. I have let ds spend the night at friends house, but those times really caused me anxiety. I didn't know the parents, so that probably had something to do with it. If I was totally comfortable with the parents, I would be more likely to allow sleepovers of either sex as young kids, but probably not much past age 10.
We had fresh salad lad night with a vegan pot pie fron fat free vegan--really good! We used the last of our home dried garden tomatoes on the salad and I made a rockin raw "ranch" dressing for the salad! Here is how I did it if anyone is interested: I soaked a cup and a half raw cashews for a few hours. I drained the water then put them in a blender with a cup or so water, juice from half a lemon, some apple cider vinegar, two garlic cloves, and some sea salt and about a...
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