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I guess you could say I was a diehard fan back in 1990 at age 13. I had a few posters and one of the albums. You've got the right stuff and all that jazz. I am not aware of their current doings, however. Funny that they're still around!
Great thread! I have been 50-75 percent raw since mid september. It has been just wonderful and I have lost about 20 pounds as an added bonus. I usually have a raw breakfast and lunch, then a cooked vegan dinner, with salad. Some days more or less, depending. I'll probably continue this way till summer when I can garden. Then I'll be as raw as I can be. Coffee has been my hangup. Did anyone catch the raw mom's summit with the raw divas? I learned so much just...
One of the nice things about homeschooling is that we don't have to adhere to any sort of arbitrary list of skills they are supposed to have at a given age. Five is really so young. It seems that if she already knows her sounds, etc, she is at a very good place to learn to read soon. Ds didn't raelly put it all togeter untill age 8, but now at 11 reads way above grade level. I second the starfall reccomendation, also comic books really helped ds develop interest...
The world would be a cleaner place and we would be much healthier if meat production stopped right now. I know I feel so much better since quitting the meat.
Legos mostly. He has rediscovered legos in a major way (he is 11). Also maybe a ds game or two.
Thank you so much. I always read your new moon insights. They are just wonderful.
I have a special love for maple trees. I also make maple syrup and sugar. The trees are strong, sweet, and beautiful. Much like myself.
I was a vegetarian for years untill pregnant for the first time. I bagan to eat a little meat here and there, unfortunately just crap from the grocery store. I continued on this path for a good ten years untill just recently. Now I am back to being a vegetarian since september. I am also not eating dairy, and focusing on raw foods mostly. I feel better that ever and have lost 15 pounds since then, not that that is my goal. My goal is to be healthy.
I used to get comparisons to Uma Thurman a lot and at random places. Also have gotten Alanis Morrisette, probably because my hair was similar.
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