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A great solution I recently found for large quantities is gallon apple juice jugs.  We don't drink a TON of juice here, but I almost want to give my kids more so I can empty out those jugs for my large quantities of rice, beans, oats, etc.  The narrow neck make them easy to pour, too :)
10/1:  no spend  10/2:  no spend  10/3:  no spend  10/4:  no spend  10/5:  no spend    10/6:  budgeted spending  gas $40, windshield wiper $13   10/7:  budgeted spending  groceries $41   As far as spending this week, groceries are done, so I just need to make what I have work (which shouldn't be a problem).  If I can find used snow pants for DD, I will buy them.  I am going to see music on Saturday night and I'm going to plan on having to buy a...
How about this:   http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/75227?feat=610-GN1&page=goose-down-hooded-parka   or this:   http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/75230?feat=610-GN1&page=ultralight-850-down-coat   I have the regular length of the 2nd one and it's the BEST!  SO warm!!  Down is definitely what you should look for--warm without being heavy.
Why don't you use mason jars?  I store most of the food I buy in bulk in them and it works really well, plus they look really nice :)
10/1:  no spend  10/2:  no spend  10/3:  no spend  10/4:  no spend  10/5:  no spend    10/6:  budgeted spending    I filled my gas tank up today and bought a new back wiper for my car, but within budget.     I also planned a good part of DD's bday party (which is on 10/20) and borrowed a bunch of stuff from my parents instead of trying to buy it (I would have bought from a thrift store anyway, but free is better!).  I borrowed tea cups and saucers and...
I just put money into savings for the first time since May--woohoo!! :)
10/1:  no spend  10/2:  no spend  10/3:  no spend  10/4:  no spend  10/5:  no spend 
I think I'm just gonna give everyone fancy chocolate ;)
So I put no spend, but I technically bought DD a new pair of shoes today.  I can justify it, though ;)  So before I decided to do this no-spend thing, I thought it was necessary to buy my kids new wool socks from REI (like $57 worth--SO not necessary!), so I returned the socks, which came in the mail yesterday, and got DD some new practical shoes.  I had also ordered a pair of cute boots for her, but decided to return those, hence the practical shoe purchase.  She needed...
  We have the same setup, including no sew fleece blankets (except I sold their bunkbeds a few months ago and they've just been sleeping on mattresses on the floor).  After my original post, I decided I need to just be content with what I have...they can deal with it ;)  I don't know that the perfect solution will ever present itself until they have their own rooms, which is still a few years off.
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