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Also, it's sobering to think about all that's happened to the economy in the whole US, and the whole world for that matter, since 2004. Particularly the housing market.
Since this thread is 10 years old I'll share 10 year old info.  We have since sold our house, are renting a much smaller house and have a much less stressful life.  10 years ago our house was worth $480,000. By 2006 it was worth $680,000, twice what we bought it for.  We should have sold it! Lol!   Currently it's back at $470,000, average for that neighborhood.     We are a mile and a half down the road, where the average is $450,000.    My priorities are very...
  Bahahaha!      Sorry.  My kind of dark humor.
I developed wrinkles much sooner than I anticipated. Add liver spots and I was feeling pretty sad.  I work in an office 5 days a week, now, and makeup is part of my daily routine.  Yesterday was maybe the third time I went to work without makeup since August.  Makeup helps me feel a little more grown up and professional.  I believe it makes a better first impression, until people can get to know me and my sparkling personality.    I can say that I didn't bother with...
Sweetsilver, that was thoroughly enjoyable.   I'm restraining myself, I simply don't have time to include the wandering river of thoughts your post released.   But I've got to say I was so disappointed with the movie OOTP.  I came out of the theater literally depressed.  My expectations were much too high.
 Yes, I claim that America, too.  I resent it when people try to insist that their way is the only way to be a patriotic American.  If you don't agree with their whatever then not only do you not love America enough but there is something wrong with you.  Anyway.  I thought the ad was lovely and clever. 
Nice essay supporting Ginny!  Good summary.  I'd forgotten a lot.
I'm liking the contrary statements/posts, here.   It's her story to write. There aren't enough words to describe all the things I admire about the story and her writing.    Perhaps readers can't apply a 'should have' to someone else's story.  But given Rowling's own logic and the rules she set up in her universe, some conclusions seem logical to me, and she did not follow her own logic.  As I interpret it, anyway.    Hermione should not have married Harry instead of...
Hello, All!  I read today what JK Rowling said about Ron and Hermione and I was reminded of the epic Harry Potter threads.  Maybe 2005?  That was fun. 
http://jezebel.com/breaking-j-k-rowling-regrets-pairing-up-ron-and-hermi-1514053646   Oh my, it's been a while since I contemplated this.    What's your thought?  Right on!  or, I knew it! or, What the hell, Rowling??  How could you?  or, Journeymom, aren't you a bit too old for this?   Gotta remember the movies aren't the books, too.    Neither Harry nor Ron were Hermione's equal.  I can't think of any original character that seems right for Hermione.          ...
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