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Read this just this morning:  "Dear Daughter, Hope You Have Awesome Sex"   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ferrett-steinmetz/dear-daughter-i-hope-you-have-awesome-sex_b_3755185.html     I haven't read the rest of the thread, just had to post this before I forget. 
  Totally agreed.
I made our bed -doesn't always get done, I'm proud of myself when I manage it. Made DH a lunch.  Made sure he ate breakfast (victory!) Admired the tomato and basil plants. Dragged the hose sprinkler around the lawn periodically throughout the day, trying to get those dry spots. Made bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for ds and me. Washed the coffee press. It normally doesn't get cleaned till the next morning when it's time to make more. Rolled and put away...
  I like that!
M-F dry erase board...  M*ther F*cking dry erase board??
Oh my, she sounds like a doozy.   Go ahead and yell some more, too!   Can you give her a different perspective? Candy-coat it.  Tell her, what with the house turned upside down and chaotic for this Really Big Move, people working hard, boxes and stuff everywhere, this just wouldn't be a pleasant visit for her. You'd feel so badly that you won't be able to visit with her properly, what a shame it would be to visit during such A Very Hectic Time. And you would be so...
Yes, this! I've done the fan thing with lots of shows (and books and movies), scanning for news about all the actors, and what's coming in the next season. I'm just enjoying this one as it comes.However, thank you Kitchensqueen. I'll let dh know to keep an eye out for the show, starting in September...
Hmmm. Last I heard you aren't supposed to do that. Regardless, I'm pretty sure my kids slept long and hard after birth and no way on earth I was going to wake them up just to shove a boob in the mouth.My, I've been chatty. Thanks for this thread!
I had those intrusive, obsessive thoughts after both kids were born, but it was worst after the first was born. I was already in the midst of it when the Oklahoma City building was bombed, and I made the mistake of watching, reading, listening to the news. Oy. The whole anxiety thing went into over-drive. It was horrible. It helped when I stopped watching the tv news altogether, switched the station when stories involving children came on the radio, and carefully...
I always like the idea for the most shallow of reasons; I like the private school look.  I do like the idea that it circumvents the fashion anxiety somewhat.  The kids bitch and moan about it, most parents like it.   Should it be required?  No. But I wish schools/parents would choose the option more often.  
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