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My kids used those (inconsistently). Frankly, I think they're useful for the rest of their school career. But but both of them dropped the cute ones when they got to middles school. Oh, come on guys! This works for you! Don't give it up!
Well, there are these, and they're ridiculously cute and clever. Scroll through the hundred or so pictures of lunch ideas.    http://www.laptoplunches.com/   I'm pretty sure I learned about these from someone here at MDC
  I sympathize, I've been there. It got better when I toned down the anxiety.  Still, no way I could drive alone in San Francisco (closest big city). I'd be a shaking, terrified mess. It's bad enough with dh riding shotgun.       How about you call and make an appointment for...3 1/2 weeks from now. 4 weeks, maybe.  Make the appointment.   By the way, your regular doctor should be a jumping-off point. Ask her for a referral to a psychiatrist. They're experts helping...
Wow, Sweetpea, what a horrible situation. I'm glad you've moved yourself and the kids out and are experiencing some order and calm.         Read this, it's amazing. http://tetanusburger.blogspot.com/2011/01/demand-resistance.html   You too, sweetpea.  Her father sounds like your dh. 
However, Republicans have introduced a repeal Obamacare act 40 times. 40 times!    and each time it fails. There is that. 
    Oh golly, because the Republican's current behavior towards a Democrat president is unprecedented.  Over and over experts and pundits (and former Republican congress persons) all say there has never been such a hostile and intransigent (and therefore useless) congress. The roots of this is the Tea Party. And frightened old white men terrified that the Great Unwashed Other People will take their money away. Take a look at Olympia Snow, a Republican who resigned because...
Though this gal isn't so bad.   http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10917790   Lower her heels and tone down the lips and eyes a bit and she could be a Tim Burton character.   And this one looks like Helena Bohnam Carter in many of her Tim Burton movies.   http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12728974
  And that's the reason many people overwhelmingly objected to Bratz when they were introduced.  First and foremost they're dolls, whose appearance are what it's all about.  The dolls weren't spinoffs of a successful tv show, the show is an arm of the dolls' marketing strategy.  I am glad to hear the show is decent.   My daughter is 18 y.o. so I'm glad the monster dolls aren't an issue for me to deal with!
However, if I imagine what life would be like if McCain had been elected instead...what state would we be in now?
  Does it matter what his intentions were when he took office?  Or if he knew, before he was elected, how deeply and insidiously big business/money controlled the office? From his perspective as a senator in 2008 he had to have a better idea than we did the influence of big business on the presidency. But was he aware of just how bad it is?   Just my weakness, I choose to believe he had the best of intentions to wash Washington DC clean of the accumulated filth.  And...
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