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This is probably obvious to everyone, but: DON'T USE ANY SOAP to wash your crotch (sorry, that's the word I use :]) or your pubic hair or even your bum. That was the key for me... unfortunately, I wasn't thinking when I took a shower 1 1/2 weeks ago, and scrubbed myself all over --> presto! yeast infection.... doh! On the subject of post-coital washing... my DH has to wash every time after sex, so that he doesn't develop one.
I voted homebirth/midwife ... even tho I had an emergency c-section, I labored until the pushing stage at home. I think that the midwives are the ones who really get the mother/baby relationship off to a good start ... I just wish more people would realize that, and involve them even if they chose to have a hospital birth or various interventions.
We've always said we'd have just 2 kids (replace ourselves). But, if you're trying to live in an environmentally-responsible way, I agree with whoever said that you have to think about the issue globally... people are always shocked at the growth rates in places like India and China, and I (before marriage, kids, etc.) used to applaud the 1-child policy in China, thinking that it was appropriate given their populations. But now when I put myself in their shoes, I just...
LOL, that's exactly what I was thinking Sahara!!!
I find the food (or lack thereof) issue very important for my 20 month old 's humor. The only time he gets really unconsolable is when I know it's been too long since he ate. I'm the same way....but I try to limit my kicking and screaming
just happened on this thread, and in response to Kezia's questions about alone time: it could be that some of these grandparents who want ALONE time want to prove that even as grandparents they haven't lost the "parenting touch" ... you know, if the child/baby cries for whatever reason, they can still "make it better". I think that's the case with my mom, and frankly, I'm glad to let her have a go at it. but she lives far away and we wish she or MIL were closer to take a...
New Posts  All Forums: