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I'm a big fan of: Food Renegade Cheeseslave Kelly the Kitchen Kop Girl in an Apron Affairs of Living
I had a publisher approach me about writing a book for them, and I'm wondering if I should still hire a literary agent to negotiate a potential deal even though the work of acquiring an interested publisher is already done?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna Does anyone else ever get the feeling that these articles are designed to just make people want to give up and just buy the factory farmed stuff? No - but organic animal foods are often factory farmed. The difference really amounts to the feed. Also - they have this law in Colorado and are requiring it of EVERY single farmer selling ANY eggs outside the farm. So if you ever sell even 1 dozen backyard...
I use this for my still shots: http://cgi.ebay.com/24-Photo-Studio-...tem3cad53e970/. WITHOUT the supplemental lighting, shooting by a window. And I use these for my videos: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-SOFTBOX-PHOT...item563ca4c52b
This morning I had a scramble with pastured eggs, spinach, feta and tomato, warm milk with a touch of honey and chorizo. Yesterday was a sunny-side up egg over roast beef hash. We also eat a lot of plain yogurt with fruit and nuts and occasionally soaked oatmeal, baked oatmeal with dried fruit or sourdough french toast if we want a real treat.
Brownies are fairly new on the scene, but I use coconut oil in those. There's a chart somewhere - I can't find it - detailing the fats consumed in 1900. Butter, lard and olive oil were big on the list and tallow too followed by the tropical oils if I recall correctly.
In our kitchen I use mostly raw, unfiltered honey because it is available locally. I occasionally use molasses, maple syrup or rapadura/sucanat. You have to be careful with any sugars, though. We're really not supposed to eat any of it regularly, let alone the refined stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by fresh_veggie The China Study is a great read comparing animal foods, %cal from protein, and cancer rates in different populations from around the world. The China Study was hands-down one of the worst analyses on nutrition I've ever read, and I read it as a *vegan* looking for scientific evidence supporting my dietary philosophy and the poor science behind the book was deeply dismaying to me at the time. Despite its...
Liz - You can make a killer custard with egg yolks, cream and about 3 - 4 tablespoons molasses. You can even use less molasses by mixing in pumpkin puree. Also I make an apple souffle that only contains about 2 T molasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadelbosque Maybe 'sustainable/humane' foie grass/veal exist. I don't know. What I *do* know is that you can *NOT* buy it in a store, and you can *NOT* order it at a restaurant without supporting the force feeding of geese, and the crating of calves, both of which are cruel, inhumane and just plain wrong. So saying 'oh, but some foie grass/veal is ok' is a bit disingeneous. Maybe it exists. But not as it is currently thought...
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