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yea, it seems some naturopaths are no better than MDs when it comes to vaxiing. many naturopaths even do circs
i dont remember all the rules and stuff, i dont think i can post a link. but just go to the yahoo homepage, its there. we sure cant have anyone speaking truth now can we?
i havent heard of anything "up north" (way to be specific! ) my own personal opinion is that she was just trying to scare you into vaccinating.
the other night, i was laying in bed, and heard a horrible SCREECH! i realized, oh crap, that sounds like a bat, and it was WAY too loud to have come from outside! a couple seconds later the cat comes running into the room at top speed. I thought he was scared of the noise. I look at him, and he's sitting at the foot of the bed, tail flapping wildly. He is staring downward, very intently. it was then that i realized, he had the bat, in my bed! i have never moved so...
i think i finally discovered why my 2 younger children have such awful teeth issues, but my older 3 children never did, despite awful habits. our diet went in teh toilet. I had 3 kids under 5, and started cutting corners, and buying cheap crap. DS3's top 4 teeth had rotted out by the time he was 2. We brushed constantly. They told me it was from nursing with DD2 (baby #5) i was the most cautious person EVER. Xylitol, MI paste, spiffies after EVERY nursing. and it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaleanani I think you misunderstand what I'm trying to say. I don't think WORKING is a bad thing, not at all! If you're an able bodied adult, you darn sure better be working at something. Work is a MAJOR component of life, and can be satisfying and one way of making meaning in our lives. I love to work. Of course, we all know that society values some forms of work but completely devalues others. I fail to see how...
MMomofMany her name was Mary Anaya, her 19 week old baby in her womb passed as well. she has 10 other children. Many of you may remember her, 2 years ago her 6 week old baby was taken by CPS for refusing the PKU screening. here is the article: http://omaha.com/article/20091022/NEWS01/710229910 and the website of the food pantry her and her husband ran: http://www.missionfan.com/
i do not vaccinate, and never will. But i will say that rabies is the only vaccine i would ever consider. rabies is NOT treatable. if we catch whooping cough, measles, or even tetanus, they are treatable. rabies, is absolutley NOT. for the most part, wild animals that are often rabid will stay far from humans. we live in an area where racoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, and even bobcats are seen relatively often. (warning: what i am about to say may offend...
i had my first DS at 16. i nursed, despite everyone telling me i couldnt or shouldnt. they would not let me pump, anywhere. let alone leave class. it sucks, but for some reason people think 10 minutes of "education" trumps a lifetime of benefis from breastmilk. in hindsight, i would have homeschooled myself after DS was born, or dropped out and gotten my GED.
is this debt in both your names? the MAXIMUM they can garnish is 25% of your gross pay. if you explain your circumstances most judges will go lower. if this is a student loan, they can only take 10% of your NET pay. i dont mean to sound rude or snarky, but if you are only making $1600 a month, and you cannot pay this debt at all, not even to settle, how were you planning to buy a house?
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