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let me first say, that i DO NOT want to do this test. I HATE that i have to. But alas, i live in Nebraska, and do not have a choice. what can i do so that my DD feels the least amount of pain possible?
Arwyn is baby #5. i'm only 26, so i'm game for more as far as timing, we will see. none of ours were planned. we just let it happen, i like it that way. we've never used birth control since we've been married, not for any religious reason or anything, i wont take the pills because of big risk factors for me, and we just never saw a reason to. Each baby has come at just a perfect time. we've never had a set number in mind. DH and i both agree that we will just...
i've had 5 children, 2 UC, and i've never even been tested.
jeez. several in our homeschool group wont speak to me because i said something once about halloween. they have no idea i'm Pagan if only they knew *evil laugh* so what's the deal with harry potter? why do so many people freak out about it?
i just had my little girl in my tub 2 weeks ago today! i didnt plan it that way. i wanted to waterbirth, but i gave up on that when no one could tell me for sure if my 120 year old floorboards could handle the weight. i honestly just thought the tub wouldnt work, but thats where i ended up, and it was just perfect!
i have been Nebraskas rep the last 3 years, but i just had a baby 1-1, and wasnt able to get it done this year i asked for help from my NOCIRC group, but got no response
not my first girl, but my DD is almost 7, and i had 2 boys 20 months apart after her, so i feel like i'm starting over again with my new DD. the first few times i changed her i was almost surprised to see girl parts
hi all! havent been to this thread in quite awhile. hopefully i can pop in more often this month. i have a new beautiful blessing! Arwyn Brianna, born 1-1-08 3:40am in the bathtub! 6lbs 14oz. I am just in love! here are pics, password is familyof7 http://s135.photobucket.com/albums/q...Arwyn%20birth/
is this from the booger thread?
here's my sweet little bean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlBa343yAf4
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