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to my children, when i have no idea what mine are??? i have a very strange mix of beliefs varying from Pagan to Buddhist to even some conservative Christian! i feel like my kids need a strong sense of what mom and dad believe, but when i dont even know for sure, how do i help them? lately i've just questioned every one of my beliefs and values, and i feel SO lost. any suggestions?
this is great! good for you! i wish we had a reasonable way to pay off our debt, but it is twice our annual income look forward to reading about your progress!
its over now, poo. i was really wanting to see what mine has done since the bankruptcy.
absolutely. the lying part is just as bad. "this wont hurt!" and then holding them down. ick. i still remember when my parents said we were going to dairy queen and then took me to get my kindergarten shots i remember being like 9 and having to go get a Hep A immuneglobulin because my dad had it. and i was arguing with my mom that i'd rather just get the virus, because my dad wasnt that sick. but they hauled me in to get it anyway, SO THEY DIDNT HAVE TO MISS...
ok, with all the gloom and doom going on, i have to wonder what will happen with unemployment rates. DH is a nurse. i'd like to think that there will always be nursing jobs. that this will be a good job to have if the S HTF. am i correct in thinking here, or should he learn another trade just in case of worst case scenario?
is it possible? when i bought the washer, the lady at sears told me to ONLY use HE detergent or the washer wouldn't work right. but i think the whole deal with that is because of the suds factor. my homemade laundry soap barely sudsed (is that a word?) at all. thoughts?
about a year ago we got this little brochure in with our city bill that had a list of things you should have on hand to be prepared in the case of natural disaster or recession etc... ( and i threw it away thinking that was silly ) it had a list of what you need for each person in your house and how much, and it even had a detailed shopping list so you didnt have to buy everything at once, but like over a 6 month period. does anyone have anything like that, or know...
i've always wanted to do the "family closet" set up, and we moved in May, and the house already a closet big enough! problem is, in the moving SO much crap got put in there. it became a landing place for everything that didnt have a place. here are my "before"...
thats awesome! i know how you feel, sometimes i get into the "woe is me" when it comes to money, and then i realize just how much fun budgeting and planning can be. i know exactly how much money i have, and where its going. i love meal planning and coming up with meals out of the pantry.
what do i do? we are working on getting it out. there is no acess to the inside of the house from the crawl space. we dont vaccinate, but right now i'm terrified of rabies, i have 5 children, youngest is 6 months. someone calm me down please!
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