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if it were me, i'd pay the medical bills, since some are going to collections. they may even settle with you for less since you are paying in full
Quote: Originally Posted by LavenderMae is this an april fool's joke? i sure hope so
uslegalforms.com has state specific wills.
oh please! i was dumb with my money, i made stupid decisions, lets blame it all on the "recession"
wow, those premiums are NUTS! we have a 75 year term $500K on DH, 75 year term $500K on me, and $10K on each of the kids, and our total monthly premium is $75 for eeveryone. definatley drop the whole life, and do some shopping around.
depends on how long you dont pay. they can sue you, but it will take quite a long while. mostly they will call you many times a day and yell and scream and throw a hissy fit.
ours is $50 late fee if not paid by the 5th, and additional late fee of $50 if not paid by the 15th i think an incentive thing would be very cool.
congrats! How awesome! cant wait until we are there, we've got a long hard road ahead, $54K in student loans!
looks like things work well in your budget! What is your family size? the only thing i saw is cell phone $90. that seems a bit high. Is it something used often for work etc...? (disclaimer: i dont have a cell phone, mainly because i'm in a rather rural area and it wouldnt work anyway. that, and even if it did, i refuse to sign a contract) Also, the $606 left over. Thats a lot of money without a name. I would plan out the remaining after expenses, even if you...
its sad, but people ask me "so what do you do all day then?" as if there is nothing to do other than the tube and i also get "jeez how can you stand it?" and we arent completely TV free, the kids can watch on saturday morning only, and it's only things that have been TIVO'ed, so i can skip commercials. its was a compromise with DH. it drives me nuts how people think we are insane. Its just a freakin box!
New Posts  All Forums: