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we are a family of 7, 2 adults 5 kids. we are getting $1800 our new baby was born just 3 hours too late to get on the tax return, so she doesnt qualify. and we have 0 tax liability, so we are only getting $600 as a couple.
i hide them at the library, like underneath the shelving units
we did. even though we have an extremely supportive family doc who respects our UC decision, i just didnt see a reason to go see him. had i gone i would have refused everything anyway. it was simply blissful.
i had to do the PKU, i live in Nebraska. I nursed DD through it. She only grunted a bit. At first the nurse said "you cant do that" so i said find someone who will, or i'm leaving.
a recent change in law allows federally guaranteed student loans to garnish your wages, or seize you bank account without a judgement. it sucks, and it is (in my opinion) unconstitutional. s
is our first time doing so. it says it can pay a max of $1750 throughout the year. So does that mean $1750/ the # of months you have a W-5 filed? thanks!
i thought they werent even starting to mail them until July? i cant find it now, but the IRS put out a chart that said when the checks would be recieved, and ours was like in September
i've been through bankruptcy hell. I would never recommend it to anyone. like the PP said, once you send a letter saying they may only contact you by mail, they have to oblige. I would start there. 14,000 isnt that much. What is your annual income?
my dd was born face up UC shes 9 weeks old, and my tailbone STILL hurts!
ok, i just used this calculator http://www.kiplinger.com/tools/withholding/index.php i entered 2007's income, and our refund we recieved. It tells me i could claim 13 more allowances???? And then it tells me i could have X more in take home pay per month. This very large number that i drooled over for a moment, before thinking, this is to good to be true, right? so, if we have 5 kids, we could claim 18 allowances? thats what this is telling me? would that mean...
New Posts  All Forums: