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Hello there...just curious, are you a reader at all? If so, have you read any helpful books? If not, we can all probably give you an idea or two. Have you read JOURNEY INTO MOTHERHOOD?
t hank you! I loved those sites also. I mostly appreciated the ALMS idea - we'll collect and donate a few toys at Christmas time...(reduce, reusue, recycle!) Painted tree trunk cute too! thank you again. (additional ideas still welcome!)
All good ideas! And to answer your question, this is for a Christian Sunday School class... I failed to mention the most important part. ..they are 3 year olds. :
Hi Sweet Friends. I am looking for some clever ideas on how best to use some new nice white bags that were donated (from smart & final, just like brown, but white!) They are a good size...larger than a brown bag for lunch. But, the twist is...I am needing ideas specifically related to Sunday School Ed After so many classes, I start to run dry... Any fresh and clever ladies out there??? Thanks! christina
please try www.drjaygordon.com site for very specific treatment ~
Hi there. I am 43, female. I had exczema as a child, and have had sinus allergies as an adult. One son has peanut allergy, asthma, and exczema. My young toddler has eczema only. About 6 months ago, I began with some type of reaction...neck itchy, small bumps on my face. And, most recently, very puffy (almost burned) eyelids. Very itchy...and now they look crepe-like. The eye itching keeps me awake at night. My lips are itchy, and sometimes swollen. The mornings, immed....
I love the gold painted rocks! thanks. Also came across this fun site; hunts for any kind of backyard day. http://www.lovetheoutdoors.com/campi...vengerhunt.htm
ooh...good ideas...both. The treasure box is child specific, so would work with the age ranges, but also cost me a few dollars. The other idea would really work with our backyard...and it's group oriented. Thank you...still hoping to throw in a few more ideas...
we laminted one...with friends and other kids photos on it(names too)...super cute...
Need some very simple ideas for a backyard treasure hunt. Ages 6-9...doesnt have to be one clue leading to another either.. could just be digging for treasures...??? please help. I am too tired to overthink my sweet 6 year olds birthday party, just on the heels of our tenth anniversary, my 2 year olds and mothers 60th. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: