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I work for NASA designing the electronics for spacecrafts. It's the coolest job for a space geek like me. 
My first was in a hospital with an OB. It was a time before I discovered MDC and knew there's such a thing as a natural birth. I think the birth ended up being natural through luck and using Hypnobabies. My water leaked one evening 2.5 weeks before the due date, only I did not know at that time that that was the amniotic fluid leaking. I thought that I was leaking urine from a weak Kegel muscle (I had read that it was to be expected late in the pregnancy). So it did not...
DS was 'cookie' from when he was 5 wks in utero and we didn't know the gender, until he was 4 years old.   Unfortunately I don't remember what we called DD before she was born.
For an all-expense paid trip, I'd pick Antartica. Take an AA flight into Buenos Aires, Argentina then take a hopper to Ushuaia to board on a ship to explore the northern tip of the White Continent. That will be my dream vacation.
I too think that it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sounded like your parents wanted to have a big family gathering and invited everyone. Could your DH be worried about any strings that would be attached to this paid vacation? How is his relationship with your side of the family?   Don't stress about going with 4 kids, they will have all those cousins to play with, I think it will be a blast. I still remember big family vacations from my childhood where I have...
DS is on roasted seaweed phase right now. He eats a pack with rice for lunch at school every day. I find them cheaper ($0.25) at an Asian grocery market not too far from our house. I see that you are in the Bay Area, do you have Ranch 99 market near you (Chinese grocery store)? They sometimes have a sale on roasted seaweed (3 packets for $0.99).   I'm currently addicted to kettlecorn, which is weird because I was not a big popcorn lover to begin with. Oh, and...
I don't like the carbonation in sodas and the taste is way too sweet for me. Twice a year I'll drink some lemonade (MinuteMaid kind) at my kids' parties. Yep, I'm pretty boring when it comes to beverage. Just plain water please, with lots of ice, thanks.
Maternal side: My mom is #2 of 8 children. I have 25 cousins from this side ranging from 55 years old to 27 years old. I'm somewhere in the middle of this range and have a few cousins of my age.   Paternal side: My dad is #2 of 13 children. I have 60 cousins from this side ranging from 65 years old to 15 years old. I'm not close to this side of the family, so I could be missing a few cousins whom I've never met.   My children have 2 cousins all around their...
I do! It took me many years to get to that point mostly because I felt weird calling another woman "Mom" when my own mom is still alive and we're very close. But now I'm comfortable calling MIL "Mom" and it makes her really happy.
I'm in! We're not leaving the house today, the kids are getting over a cold :(
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