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We budget $250 a month for our family of 2 adults and 4 kids.  We share the clothing budget.  My partner has a professional job that requires a professional wardrobe, and it is challenging to find clothing in his size.  A good deal for a pair of pants is $50, and a work-appropriate top is the same.  We shop at thrift stores for the kids but find that with our family size, we don't have as much time as we used to to browse and scour the thrift stores the way we used to.
If you're describing it as a blow-out, it sounds two-sided.  If she was acting a little crazy on her own, I'm not sure you would have called it a "blow-out"? I agree with others:  Too personal.  Once you'd overstepped that boundary and it went awry, the onus was on you to get out of it politely by moving the conversation along.  Document everything, be professional, and move along.  
I think this might be a situation where your dd can learn a lot about self-respect and healthy boundaries.  It sounds like she feels badly for her friend/playmate, but that further to that she feels a sense of guilt and responsibility for taking care of that friend.  Sympathy and compassion are valuable and important, however it is not healthy to disregard one's own needs most of the time in the pursuit of saving someone else's feelings.  It sounds like you need to...
From the site:   The new Repayment Assistance Plan replaces the Interest Relief and Debt Reduction in Repayment measures. Borrowers who were approved for Interest Relief and Debt Reduction in Repayment before August 1, 2009, may remain on these programs until their approved period ends. However, they have the option to apply for the Repayment Assistance Plan at any time.
Does it have to be all or nothing?  He does not need to go to the gym for hours five days a week to achieve good weight loss.  If he has a lot to lose, as you say, diet change will make a huge difference.  And yes, exercise is important, but it doesn't have to be at such a high cost to your family.  Even Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday is plenty if he must go to the gym.
Is your siggie new?  
I too would let it go.  Feel your feelings and work on moving forward.  Perhaps you can attribute to her the best possible intention in your efforts to let go.  Perhaps she did mean it supportively and used a poor choice of words.  Or perhaps she is concerned that she'll fund your college and end up squandering the money if you can't finish your program due to an unexpected pregnancy.  Or maybe she is genuinely concerned about your situation as you'll be in school and...
Us too in Canada. Here, it is relatively easy to adjust your withholdings through tax forms along with the T1213 that allows you to account for RRSP contributions along the way rather than amassing a refund.  
I'd like to take my two oldest girls somewhere warm next winter.  Lots of time to plan and save. I have never gone south myself so I have no idea where to find the deals.  We'd only want to go for 5 or 6 days, and the location isn't really important as long as it's warm and safe. Any guidance?
oh ((hugs)) mama. I had a really hard time when my 3rd was born.  He was a very high-needs baby medically, and cried a lot like your little one does.  It is so, so hard. I know you said you feel guilty if you don't get cooking and cleaning done.  I wonder if you could back up a little and see the long view.  Right now, it is okay to do what you need to do to survive.  You need to eat and you need to live in a home that is hygienic, but your standards could change if...
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