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In the garage, we have a box for "donate" and a box for "sell".  I add to this all the time, almost daily.  Then when I have time I list the for sale stuff.  I take the donate stuff when we are going to be near the drop off location.  This is probably what helps us the most out of anything.  As for putting things back, I just try to do it after I use the item.  I am not great at it.  But having less stuff around does help with that, too, because even if a few things are...
Since we met our goal, I've stopped counting, but we got rid of a TON this weekend.  A few trashbags full of clothes and one full of other misc stuff.  Plus a small bag to sell and then some trash as well. I can't believe we still have this much to get rid of!
We are facing a move as well, but we don't know exactly when.  DH's company has said they are closing down the office here and he WILL be transferring, we just have no idea when that will be.  Most likely, the time frame is next spring some time.  So, we have plenty of time, but that information was what actually got me decluttering to start with.  I started to view all of our things in a new light.  Do I REALLY want to move this across the county?  And then I got pretty...
Oh sorry somehow I totally missed the youtube link, duh, thank you! Watching now...
Is "Consumed" just in Canada?  Is there somewhere to watch it or something similar in the US?
Still going here, though I stopped counting after getting to 2013.  It is much slower these days but that is OK with me because there isn't much left to purge.  Today I sold 5 things to one person (cheap) and a few days ago I got rid of a few larger items.
I love the play is like water visual, that is so true, I've just never thought of it that way!
We met our goal!  2016 things out!  After a garage clean out and a goodwill run, we were there yesterday!  I am so excited!  Things are starting to be much easier to find around here and I am really noticing a difference.  I want to keep going, but I am not sure what my second goal to be.  We are down to what we use now.  I can go through the office again, I am sure there is some more in there, but other than that, I've done what I can do.  I think I'm going to go back...
Did a mega clean out of the master bedroom and bathroom and now my count is up to 1801! Getting so close.
Up to 1712 today.  Most of the stuff gone today was from things the kids didn't want anymore, and some shoes.
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