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People who react to nightshade often react to blueberries--it can be a sign of leaky gut.
Hmm, I don't know...But I'm a MN momma of a child with a corn allergy. Couldn't resist saying hi! We figure if we eat shrimp about once a month, that should cover us for iodine.
I'm a little over an hour from Fargo, but am there once a month or so. I unschool my 5yo and 3yo.
Wooohoo for the May 2007 DDC!! I squealed a happy little squeal when I saw your face on the homepage! Congrats!
My now five-year-old son's homebirth-transfer was traumatic. I labored for several days, and was stuck at 7cms with a cervical lip when I finally decided to transfer to the hospital. On the way to the hospital I began to have an irresistible pushing urge despite not being fully dilated. After four days of labor and no sleep, I had no strength to stop pushing. At that point the doctors pressured me into Nubain by convincing me that I would rupture my uterus if I didn't wait...
The GAPS diet and SCD diet will likely go a long way toward helping you heal your gut.
My son cried a lot and slept very little. He would be smiling and laughing then suddenly wince and cry. He was gassy. He wanted to nurse constantly. He had rings under his eyes. His belly was taught. He was in the tenth percentile (and went up to and stayed at the eightieth percentile when we eliminated his allergen). He had eczema and seborrheic dermatitis on his scalp. He had tiny bits of blood in his green stools. Once he strained so hard he got a hemorrhoid. Very...
If she continues to have intrusive thoughts, I would think an OCD evaluation would be in order.
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause is a excellent source of information even for the naturally minded (and the non-pre-menopausal, I'm 26). The book convinced me to try wild yam natural progesterone cream which has changed my life.
Just a couple of book recommendations: http://www.amazon.com/Healing-New-Ch.../dp/0345494504 http://www.amazon.com/Psychology-Syn...7940016&sr=1-1 My son is allergic to corn (IgG reaction, wouldn't show up on tests) and his symptoms include ADHD behaviors.
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