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Yep, Azkaban.
"And the fact is, that if what he is doing, only works, so long as he is doing it, then he isn't fixing anything. He's just guaranteeing himself a life-long income." That's it exactly. I was under the impression that if he were to put his spine back into place, that he would be "fixed". Or at least, somewhat. It became almost like an addiction because it felt so good and now the money's run out.:LOL He always gave me a play-by-play when he got home, so I may try...
A little background My dh is 25 and had played sports in school. His left shoulder looks like it just hangs off his body. It's very painful for him. So about 8 mos. ago he went to the chiro and got xrays, the whole bit. So, at the next appt. he was told he needs to come in 3 times a week for a few weeks (or until Dr. says). The diagnoses was that his spine was somehow lodged inward (sorry if this doesn't make sense) to where some of the vertebrae(sp?) is rubbing...
I've noticed that some children (most?), believe in a lot of things. DD happens to believe in Jesus, but with her description, he is a wizard. She has her own idea of how the Earth and everything else began. She also very much believes in various Gods and Goddesses. And fairies Spirituality and religion are two different subjects for me. I also think you don't have to have religion to believe in god/desses. It would only make sense to me to teach your own child to...
My Mom was diagnosed with pleurisy a month after she had been in pain. Then she got pnuemonia and lost a lot of weight. This was in March. She is great now, but it was scary for awhile. I'd really take care of yourself right now and not worry about your neighbor. Maybe it was the only way she felt she could be supportive because she also added the "other mothers" rather than just the "you" part. Hopefully, she'll come around when you get better.
I will admit that I am from and live in Texas. Austin is like you've left the state. I can only count a handful of politically liberal people that I know personally out of Austin. In Austin, most of the people I know are liberal. They can be proud of their bumper stickers:LOL(There's even a nude "beach" here) Did anyone get that Survivor Texas e-mail about how far you could go across the state with a liberal bumper sticker?
Has anyone used morpheus? They charge a small monthly fee, but I know nothing of there selection.
So, is there a new, new Lucky? Or is this the same one that was new a couple years back? I still haven't gotten used to him.
Have you read anything by Jonathan Carroll? His new book is called White Apples, but I haven't read it, yet. I've read about a half dozen of his other books. Some are hard to find, but I got lucky. Don't read After Silence, though, it's not good, not like his other books at all. I love Stardust. I want to get the hardback, illustrated copy. I haven't been as excited to read a book until I got that one.
god, is his karma bad or what?
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