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I. am. so. tired. I wish I had the motivation to play with my son but I've been just a lump on the couch lately.
lack of energy! I had to drag myself to the living room and log on. Oh, and zits. Lots of zits. Ugh. It's like i'm a teenager again.
mints? I'm the same way.
Same here. Awww, that's so sweet of your husband!
Wonderful!!!! I'm so happy DH kept his antiness to himself! Congratulations!
wow I'm so jealous of the women who are popping out now.
Wow, cute bump!
I've been going to the Y and I'm trying really hard to stick to my usual schedule. My instructor is going to switch me to prenatal execrises focusing on balance, squats, and birth positions. She's great! I just wish I could be more motivated to go there more often.
I still haven't had one yet. I do plan to get the one to make sure there aren't any serious defects such as guts sticking outside the baby's body, etc. I do NOT want to know the sex. I want that part to be a surprise.
I started to feel not quite right at 3 weeks pregnant.
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