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I finally got a new doctor, so we're playing it by ear. He says before he wants to totally screw around with my body, he wants to check out DH- so we're waiting for Michael to find time to give them a sample of his errr... stuff. We don't have insurance, so we have to pay for every appt and test as we go, which slows the process down a lot.
Is that all there is?
I don't have a scale, but I was just at the doctor's. I'm 191! Yikes!!! I should be 125ish. I'm not sure what I'll do for diet, etc yet. I love food too much to give up!
I respect and love Nature. My middle name is Bell. My name is Tishia... Natura+beLL+tishIA= Naturallia.
Unfortnately, I'm not happy to be here, but here I am. I've been struggling with infertility for years. I've had several m/cs and stillbirths. Michael and I have been ttcing for a while and I'm getting tired of the Big Fat Negatives again and again and I thought i better join a forum where I can vent about that when I can. :
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