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I'm subbing for all the ideas!
I could have written that post too! I totally understand.
Who wants to have one and plans on having one?
Thanks for starting this thread. I'm having a hard time getting excited. I even sometimes forget that I am pregnant! I guess I try to not dwell too much on the baby growing inside me in the hopes that the more I leave the baby alone, the better/healthier/stronger the baby will turn out. I know that doesn't seem to make sense, but... that's just how I am handling it. This way if I do lose the baby I won't be so shocked.
I would stay away from it and buy EFA's from an organic company. All of my vitamins are from Akin's Natural Foods Superstore.
Is anyone else here not quite nauseous, not quite suffering from heartburn, or feeling sick... just feeling a bit off in the gut? I have this sensation that maybe the pH balance in my stomach is off. I'm not complaining though! I would rather have this over morning sickness! : What other symptoms are you all experiencing that you aren't sure has to do with the pregnancy?
Wow! I've got a short torso too, but I'm not showing that much!
Thanks everyone! Spider, how about waiting until you are a better mood before interviewing. Or better yet! Have your daughter do the interviewing to narrow them down to a few that you can pick from?
I found one!!! Now DH is doing background check on her before signing contact. She's totally fine with just supervising an UC! so mexcited DH and I found a compromise that works for us.
I'll be nursing through pregnancy and I hope to tandem nurse.I've read a lot of books about it.
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