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birth dreams!
NAK...... 1. What's your first name? (if you feel comfortable sharing) Tishia 2. Where do you live? (Country, state/province--whatever you feel comfortable sharing!) MO 3. What type of birth do you hope to have? UC w/ midwife backup 4. Do you plan to SAH, WAH, or WOH? SAH 5. What are you most excited about with this pregnancy? Tandem nursing 6. What are you most scared of? Tandem nursing! 7. If this isn't your first, what one piece of...
Yep ,they have pee sticks for only $1 at the dollar store....
#3 baby for me, but this is my 11th pregnancy.
dS and this baby will be about 18-20 months apart.
What do you mean? *scratches head* And I hope that's not me you're referring to about your mom looking like that when she had twins! :
I have only 4 midwives to pick from. We're interviewing them this week, the first one today. I hope one of them is the perfect match for me.
Here I am at 5 weeks. I think it's mostly bloating. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y23...nancy/5w-2.jpg
I knew at 6 DPO too! My LP are usually 5-6 days long and when my temp turned triphastic, I knew! I got a BFP today, which confirmed it. Oh, the test line was darker than the control line!
Oh come on Elly! I've lost a lot of weight (80 lb!) I know all about being bigger, believe me. And my 4w pic is in the other thread. I plan to take pictures every Sunday. Want me to post them here every week?
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