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If it's a boy- William Andrew and if it's a girl- Neva Bell
: Where's the logic in that?
My DH is being so loving lately too! I love it!
Wow, thanks! It's so reassuring to know I'm not alone. Sorry Emily
I'm going to keep on doing my regimen at the Y. Now it takes more effort to go through the exercises, but I always feel proud of myself afterwards so I just focus on that feeling to look forward to when I work out.
ITU on how reassuring getting sick can be. So far, I haven't felt sick yet.
We knew 7 DPO (3 weeks along) because my LP is usually 5-6 days and I was taking herbs to try to help with that to no avail. When it spiked on 7 DPO, both DH and I wondered if this was it and my temp just kept climbing and climbing into a triphastic pattern. We finally tested and it's ++++++
Whew, it's not just me! I wonder if they sense a change in the family dynamics?
I won't restrict calories or anything, but I'm doing the babyfit program again. I just got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight which was overweight in the first place so I'm just hoping I gain the same amount as last time. Maybe tandem nursing will burn the pounds off faster this time around
I think I would hate the water plus the idea of setting up and flood potential intimidates me. I don't really like baths so why would I like a waterbirth?
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