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Cheryl, my DH is the same way. I really hope he doesn't stand in the way of my UC but I don't want to cause a rift in our relationship because of my stubbornness in wanting one. I am deaf and he is worried that it will give the government a reason to look hard at us as targets.
Quote: Originally Posted by flapjack OK, my yorkshire puddings and nuts and seeds are gone now. I'm now living off beetroot and vimto (a blackcurrant, redcurrant and raspberry flavoured fruit squash) and not much else. I swear, this baby is going to be born with purple hair at this rate...
In Missouri, there are a lot of UC friendly midwives, the trick is finding one that I click with. I'm going to talk to a few of them and see which one I trust to really leave me alone and that DH likes. I do plan to go the "oops, too late to call her" route I'm not comfortable with unassisted pregnancy because of my previous history. If I was to go to the doctor, they would pin me as high risk based on my past. I don't like that because I believe pregnancies can be a...
Hmmm, I don't remember you : Which forums on FF did we talk in the most?
I'm pregnant! I'm due in February. DH is fine with a homebirth and midwife, now I need to work on him to be fine with UC. I'm thinking of compromising having the midwife come clean up and check out the baby to reassure DH that everything is fine.
Hi, I'm still nursing and hope to tandem nurse.
Hard poky nipples here too. Also feeling nauseous but no vomiting. Oh, and the frequent urinating!
I plan on an homebirth. I'm still unsure if it'll be midwife attended or UC.
My youngest DS is 10 months, turning 11 months on Friday. So I think that's 18-20 months apart
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