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I have an history of miscarriage, stillbirths, and preemies, but I think that was due to my environment now that I see I CAN have healthy pregnancy as my DS proved to me that I can. But doctors don't care about that, they go by previous medical history which is a big reason I want to homebirth.
Hi girls! I'm joining you here. Here's my story- I ttc for 8 months with this one and we just got a BFP yesterday. My DS will be 1 year old on July 15. So that'll make them 19 months apart, I think. Maybe 18 or 20 if I go early or late. I also have a 8 year old DS that my ex- has custody of and my ex and I had 7 baby angels. This is my DH's second baby- DS is his first.
I'm with you on the frequent peeing and nothing else really wrong, praise the Lord!
nacho ice cream sundae.... tortilla chips, caramel praline ice cream, that gooey greasy cheese dip from convience stores, and jalapenos. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! and I usually hate that fake cheese!
February 17,2008 Naturallia; Tishia pregnancy 11, baby 3 Planning homebirth for sure- still undecided on midwife attended or UC
I haven't had the chance to really read the whole thread, but I'm newly pregnant and I am still nursing my soon to be 11 month old DS- come February, I'll be tandem nursing and I'm excited!
I'm subbing because my son's birthday is coming up too.
i look forward to reading all the birth stories!!!
OMG, that could have been me posting! It helps to know I'm not alone. I'm not good at pushing food away, unless it's in a restaurant, where it'd be an hassle to doggy bag those last 6 bites home, so I leave it on the plate. Besides, I'm busy looking around the restaurant and talking to others. At home... :sigh: I am a member of the clean plate club.
Woo Hoo!!!! Congratulations
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