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8 minutes.  Enough time for 2 contractions, scraping back pain as she dropped down posterior, and one push.  :)
Also, I have NEVER been asked (doula, PPdoula, breastfeeding, etc) who certifies me.  In general it doesn't seem to matter who I did the training with.  Most just asked how I got my training. And I have plenty of clients.
 I'm blessed to live in a country where having a nanny or maid is the norm and not expensive.  We hired her when the twins were about 6 months old, and even though I'm a SAHM she's been wonderful for watching kids, cleaning the house, picking kids up from school, helping with food prep, keep kids occupied while I do my midwifery studies.  AND if I go to a birth, she doesn't mind if I call her late at night or early enough in the morning to let her know to get at the...
Fried egg and cheese sandwich.  Good for early labor and definitely great for postpartum.  Good protein and carbs, not a huge meal.
You would have to come in on a tourist visa and do a border run every 14 days with only a few allowances for that.  It really is NOT easy to do at all without a year visa.  Also I know that a lot places that rent would want you to have a visa that means you'll be around for a while.  Without a job it's practically impossible.   I did a UC.  Homebirths happen.  There are no midwives for home or hospital.  C/S rate at the biggest hospitals are about 90%.   Yes...
Thank you for discussing this.  While I am all for no U/S exposure at all, it's still something that needs to be brought up as some of the main midwifery texts are still stating this... maybe I shold contact Anne Frye and ask her where she got her information....
Hi Shelley, I usually buy most of my books on half.com and I've sold a few there and it's super easy to do.   Why'd you decide AAMI wasn't for you?
DD was 4.5 hr with 25 minutes of pushing. DS was 2.5 hr with 3 or 4 pushes. Twins were 5.5 hours with 2 pushes for the first and none for the second... they just slid out!  6lb8oz and 6lb14oz.  I really did not have the urge to push for at least an hour of full dilation but I figured that I'd wait, and once I reached in and felt the top of the baby's head, I knew she was far enough down to push.
37 weeks 5 days... I was so focused on keeping them in until 36 weeks that once I got to 37, I was like, OK babies I'm miserable you can come out now LOL
I don't quite understand the math, but regardless, exposure is exposure and we don't know how much is too much.  
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